Arwin is a full-service ESG & Sustainability Strategic Investor Relations and Financial Communication Advisory firm which combines strategic financial communication with investors’ quest for a more sustainable world, focusing on two strategic pillars::

  • ESG & Sustainability Advisory defining customers’ ESG strategies, integrating reporting frameworks (SASB, GRI, etc.), identifying and monitoring KPIs, improving investor communication around their sustainability objectives
  • Strategic Investor Relations Advisory providing an array of ad hoc services which are complementary to IR activities in the context of equity/bond capital markets and rated companies such as perception studies, investor targeting, results/capital markets day preparation, M&A, crisis management as well as an outsourced investor relations unit

The team is comprised of seasoned professionals who have a combined multi-year experience in Investors Relations, M&A, Equity Research, FIG, as well as Equity & Fixed Income Trading who are able to integrate ESG with strategy and company valuation. In addition, they have worked on the corporate/communications side on strategic plans and rights issues (the last at UniCredit in a Euro 13bn capital increase). Team members have won numerous IR awards, including a Top 10 European Ranking as a Runner-Up to 3rd-place across sectors in European Large Caps IROs as well as Best Corporate Governance & Disclosure across sectors, ranking in top position by sector. Finally, as signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, Arwin embodies the same principles it advises companies to follow in focusing on its stakeholders.


Years Experience in Consulting

Arwin's goals for his clients are:

  • Ensure that financial markets accurately assess the company's assets, expectations of future earnings and cash flows
  • Maintain the ability to raise capital with favorable market access
  • Improve understanding of peers' performance, strengths and strategies
  • Inform the management and the board of directors about developments in the financial markets and the perception of investors
  • Produce targeted and effective financial communication campaigns
  • Considering corporate sustainability as an asset that contributes to the creation of value for stakeholders
  • Plan an ESG strategy by aligning financial and "intangible" interests